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Reply Reyna Mead
4:55 PM on March 4, 2012 

Reyna and her Dragon, Gretan, love each other very much. Reyna is a sweet girl with long brown hair and green eyes. Her dragon Gretan is green with gold eyes. Reyna and Gretan hate the dragon hunters because they wiped out Reyna's family dragons.

Reply Carter
3:57 PM on January 27, 2012 

Carter: A young-looking teenager with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. She is kind and stable, intelligent,and loves to read. Carter can be cunning and selfish, but has a true heart. Her love for all creatures is intense. She even cares a bit for Dragon hunters, knowing they were just hurt before. Every villian has been. Carter searches constantly for her dragon, silver. You see, she and silver were in a raging battle against a dark dragon named Fang, but she was hurt tragically, nearly dying. When she woke up, Silver was gone.Carter is an orphan, whose parents were killed by Dragon hunters. she stil cannot hate them for her heart would not allow it. She knows that she will find silver again, if the mystical dragon would have her.

Reply Silver
3:49 PM on January 27, 2012 

Silver : A magnificant silver female dragon with ice-like scales and shining blue eyes. She is sweet, but ruthless and sharp-toungued when she chooses to be. Silver has a powerful air about her and is a natural born leader. She is hoenest, hard-working, free, intense, sensitive, charming, and a bit scheming as well. Silver is a stray and believes she wil forever truly be one. She had lost her Rider many years ago. The name is forbidden to her now :Carter. Silver does not know that her Rider lives, unknown to the world and living on her own, seperated from her dragon. Silver lives alone, and likes it that way. an occasional dragon wold want to meet her, but she is quick to not welcome them.

Reply Bearstorm
10:59 PM on January 11, 2012 

Gamzee is not exactly the stereotypical person. He isn't really very sane. But not really in the ahh in your face insane more like stoner insane. Fun yes. But there is a darker side to his type of insanity. He often hears a voice. It tells him to do bad things like kill those with a lower blood colour than him. See Insanity makes Gamzee think his blood is purple. It's not though but he thinks it is. As does the voice who claims to be the past life of Gamzee also had the same colour blood and was known as the 'Grand Highblood'. He sometimes does things, that are bad because the Grand Highblood told him to. If he's acting up just shoosh pap him. (Pat him with a shooshing noise). Gamzee is very fun to be around if you can stand him. He sometimes breaks out in random beats so that's pretty cool. Something about Gamzee don't call him a clown. He isn't a clown. He also Honks a lot. He'd just be doing anything then suddenly HoNk. Out of nowhere. He scares the crap out a people a lot by doing that. Gamzee is quite handsome. He is very tall and quite lean. He has bright purple eyes and as well as being purple the whites are yellow, like an animal, but they are very pretty. His skin is slightly grey and it isn't all too normal. He has three gashed along the side of his face but they suit him. His hair is so black it's nearly dark purple. He always wears the colour purple and his pants are black with purple dots on them and his shirt is black with a Capricorn symbol the colour purple of course, that's his star sign of course. He is 16 years old. Gamzees weapon of choice is... clubs(Like bowling pins). Yes he is an interesting character isn't he? Along with that insanity and all. But he is a rider. Gamzee has no family. He had a best friend much but he died a long time ago. He hasn't been right since. Gamzee comes from a faraway place that no one really knows of. But comes from there he does. There his head grew dark and he actually went on a bit of a killing spree....Killed many of his classmates including his friends. The Grand Highblood isn't someone you want to meet in battle. Gamzee was in fact once the Grand Highblood in a past life, but now the Grand Highblood is his other persona. He has split personality disorder and Grand Highblood is the other.

Faygo is Gamzees dragon, but is more suited to his other persona “The Grand Highblood”. Faygo can’t stand normal Gamzee and in face Faygo bonded to Gamzee when he was in fact the “Grand Highblood”. Faygo on several occasions has actually tried to kill Gamzee. Faygo is quite an evil dragon. Well not quite evil. Extremely evil. Faygo and Gamzee have been bonded for 10 years now. Faygo is really snappy and gets in a temper easy. She would kill you without hesitation. None. Faygo is a pure white dragon. With pure green eyes. She looks like the most innocent cutest dragon ever but she isn’t. Shes a demon. Evil. She loves to fly and kill people.

Reply Bearstorm
9:46 PM on January 11, 2012 

Gisia Sukio & Sayla

Gisia, that sounds dark doesnt it? Well thats good because it describes its owner. Dark. But dont mistake the meaning dark, for evil, because thats not what he is, he just isn't exactly very light. First thing you should know about Gisia is that he takes no crap from anyone. You stand in his way he'll easily get you out of the picture. He does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants to, and he can easily do this as he is quite intimidating. Hes strong, hes tall, he is very muscular, hes fast, and he knows what hes doing. Gisia has dark blonde hair and eyes that basicly match at an amber colour. Gisia likes metal, he likes to have metal braclets, arm bands ect, but he is always with his metal arm. No his actual arm is not metal, its like a metal glove that goes from his finger tips to round abouts his elbow, this makes him very very good at hand to hand combat, which he loves more than breathing. Trust me this guy knows how to fight, fist fight mostly. Hes even cage fought before quite a few times and he hardly ever loses. You may think Gisia is dark, but if you remove his metal shell you'll find a puppy....well thats the biggest lie I have ever told, under that shell lies a viper ready to strike, and trust me, he will strike. Gisia comes from a city that was always in darkness, murder, crime, theift, you know the stuff, he grew up in one of those places, he mostly stayed out of it, but when he was 10 he started to fight, fist fights, chair fights, cage fights, you name it hes fought it, and as mentioned before he barely ever loses. He became known on the streets for his mad fighting skills, and for his nasty temper which is just as bad. Almost anything can set him off, so he doesnt talk much to others as they will just piss him off. He only talks when he wants to. On his terms. Gisia also is extremely good with his metal and could easily be a very good smith. Gisia has a pet snake that is always with him, its a viper and if he gets extremely pissed off he can get his Viper to attack. The only thing he has affection for apart from his snake is his Dragon Sayla. He and Sayla are the best of companions. They understand each other completly. Sayla is a completely black dragon seemed to be made completely of shadows. She is sort of the opposite of Gisia and is very carefree and happy and friendly. Sayla doesn’t like to fight as well. Doesnt believe in it very much. But she understands Gisias need to. They both hate Dragon Hunters. Very much. Even more than a lot of people. Gisia used to have a best friend called Evilus and Evilus was a rider too, he had a golden dragon called Lio and dragon hunters killed Lio in cold blood of course and Evilus died too unable to bare Lio not being here, so basically Evilus ended up killing himself. Gisia and Sayla have never ever been able to get over it. It made Gisia slip further into his shell, hate people even more that he did already.

Reply Bearstorm
8:51 PM on January 11, 2012 

I shall join! :3.

Gisia Sukio (Rider) & Sayla (Dragon)

Romilio (Dragon Hunter)

Gamzee Makara (Rider) & Faygo (Dragon)

Reply Poker Johanson
4:19 PM on December 15, 2011 

 Poker Johanson has the age of seventeen. She is a Dragon Rider, and is violent and crazy. Her sister is Sheila Johanson, a Dragon Hunter. She despises all Dragon Hunters, including her sister. Although, they have a lot of things in common. Like, they are both blonde haired, light skinned, violent, carry guns, female, and blue eyed. They are mostly twins, despite their clothes, hobbies, favorite things, and personalties. She is light skinned, blonde haired, and has bright blue eyes. She wears a white hat with a black shirt, that has a white jacket over that. She has four white buttons on her shirt, and has a red handkerchief tied to her neck. Her hat has red ribbon on it, tied with three red roses. Her white jacket is bordered with red. She carries a grayish black gun with her in her pocket, and to know its her, it has the design of a red rose on the bottom part of it. Her gun is bordered in white, and her bullets comes from dragon skin and blood, which she stole from her sister and made into bullets. Her favorite flower is red roses, and she throws them around when she's mad, and is about to kill. This is a cue to her purple dragon, Jupiter. She loves blood, and likes to watch others suffer as she kills them, like she will sometime do to Sheila Johanson, her sister. Now, you shall know the story. Sheila used to be daddy's girl, doing everything right. This made Poker not jealous, nor mad. Not until Sheila Johanson killed him. Poker was so shocked. Her sister was blinded by blood and darkness, like Poker is now. Sheila is a name that means blind. Sheila was blinded by evil. Then, Sheila killed Poker's mother, then killed their pet dragons. She was about to kill Jupiter, Poker's dragon, before Poker came in furiously and kicked Sheila out of the house, breaking her left wrist and right leg for now. She despises all Dragon Hunters and Dragon Riders for this, and wants to make everyone suffer from her pain. She will bring down all humans, Hunters, Riders, and Dragons without mercy. She is lovely, but deady. Poker is the bringer and ender of both realms of death and life. Now, over to her dragon. Jupiter is a medium sized, purple dragons. She could easily crush a villa by laying down on it, but that's because of her small size in weight. Couldn't all dragons do that? Jupiter knows when to kill, because Poker Johanson will throw around red rose petals. She can be sweet, like her owner, at one second, but a furious, deadly weapon at the other.

Reply Sheila Johanson
7:57 PM on December 14, 2011 

 Sheila Johanson has an unknown age, she won't give it out, or rather, she never dares to think of it. She is a Dragon Hunter, and is emotionless and bitter. Her sister is Poker Johanson, a Dragon Rider. She despises all Dragon Riders, including her sister. Although, they have a lot of thinsg in common. Like, they are both blonde haired, light skinned, violent, carry guns, female, and blue eyed. They are mostly twins, despite their clothes, hobbies, favorite things, and personalties. She is light skinned, blonde haired, and has clouded blue eyes. She always wears a tan tank top with tide skinned jeans, no matter the season. Her boots are black, lined with black bear fur. Her Alaskin coat, which she uses in the Winter time, is a deep brown lined with black bear fur too. She keeps her pitch black guns in her boots. Her slim swords are also pitch black, and they were made from hardened, rare dragon blood. It is protected on the outside by black dragon scales, glazed together by dragon blood. She keeps them in her sword pouches, which is where her belt should be. She is bloodthirsty, and kills without question or mercy. She wasn't always liek this. She used to be daddy's girl, doing everything right. Until she killed him. She had had enough of stupid stinking love. Then, she killed her mother, laughing as she killed their pet dragons. She was about to kill Jupiter, Poker's dragon, before she came in and kicked Sheila out of the house. SHe made her own armor out of the rare dragosn, growing to be a resentful, dangerous Dragon Hunter. She kills dragons for no reaosn. Just because its fun, entertaining, and appeals to her.

Reply Xavier Danjou and Murk
7:38 PM on December 14, 2011 

(Also, can I have one of the Powers sometime, maybe? :))

Reply Xavier Danjou and Murk
7:36 PM on December 14, 2011 

  Xavier Danjou is an eighteen-year-old, teenage boy. He has slick, inky black hair that runs just past his shoulders. His eyes are a jaded, darkened forest green. His eyes used to be brighter, but that is another story for another time. Anyways, his favorite outfit is a white she with a red tie. A black tuxedo goes over that, and for his wnats he wears gray and white plaid pants. He is light skinned. When he is angry, his eyes turn into a clouded, deep, dark red. He would speak some sort of irrigular langauge to his dragon, Murk. He was no known family, because they were all murdered right before his very eyes, by Dragon Hunters. He will hunt down and killl every last one of them if they even dare get close to Murk or him. He absolutely despises them. Also, he has white wrapping around his arm, which covers his scars from burns. He hides his knives, daggers, short swords, arrows, and mini guns in here. Okay, so now that you have a great picture of Xavier Danjou, its time for his history, and then his personalty. Then it'll be time for Murk. Story time, now! When Xavier Danjou was a young boy, around the age of ten, he came face to face with an aggressive, red and black, firebreathing dragon. It had huge, crimson red eyes that seemed to bug out of its sockets. He head no weapons around him. He had been trained for archery, since he was forced to take classes from his hard, but proud, father. He was born into a family of royalty; the Danjou family. It was the richest family in the Country of Veil, and his family was deeply respected. Xavier Danjou had just put up a hand to the dragon's snout, and it had immediately stopped being irratated. It actually had nuzzled him. It took him for a ride, and then he referred "it" it Draco, which meant dragon, or, to go further, serpent. He was aloud to keep this beast, which was a rather gentle one. One day, the happy family had a shocking tragedy. No one ever recovered, and it was a stunning experience for the Country of Veil. At this moment, Xavier was fourteen years old. He watched out of his window as he saw a dark creature, like Draco, spitting out fumes in the air as it reared on its hind legs, its little, stubby front legs waving in the air. When it returned to the ground with a thud, it flew off, a small figure like a human bouncing around on its back. He fell back asleep that night, waing up early it the morning to find that the forest was on fire. The forest was right beside his home, and their royal house that was made from wood could burn down easily. Draco had warned them with a fearful cry, but Xavier's family blamed Draco for causing the fire. Everyone but himself. He reassured his dragon, watching as the fire rapidly grew closer, helplessly. He thought he had an idea of how the fire started. The human and the dragon-like creature in the background, at the night time, as he had seen. Then, there was a large thud, like a semi earthquake. A dragon had collapsed. Blood was oozing from its neck, and it was the one Xavier Danjou had seen that night. Then, a human with a sword that had blood trickling down it, grinned over to them. The anonymous walked inside of Xavier's house carelessly, throwing himself into a fighting position. Then he hid as he watched his family, then his dragon, being slain. His eyes grew clouded, then jaded, then darkened, over that single day. He grew into a murky person, always emotionless and uncaring. He could open up someday, but that would not be from love. It would be from acceptance. The Dragon Hunter had fleed, to his anger. When he got up, fear prickled at his heart. He heart the cackling of the flames as it burned down his house. Also, he didn't notice right away that it arms were on fire. Screaming, he jumped out of his window, which the glass had melted. A small puddle was not too far away. He soaked his sizzling skin in it, his skin raw and pink as he pulled it out. Over time, sick with revenge, he hid weapons near him, inside of his white wrapping, covering his scars from burns. He will kill Dragon Hunters without question, with his dragon, Murk. Now, over to Murk, so you can picture him, next. Murk is a pitch black, humongous dragon with fierce, glowing red eyes. He matches Xavier Danjou's personalty, and his inner wings are dark gray. In the sunlight, he looks silver. By humongous, we mean humongous He could destroy a huge building by just landing calmly on it. He was named Murk because of Xavier's murky personalty. He speaks in an irragular language to Xavier Danjou when he is mad. He is very destructive, and could clear anything in his path in an instant if he wanted. 

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